Image analysis services customized to your needs.

At QuantAvise, we understand the unique analysis challenges that occur in life science research. We work with each of our clients to design image analysis solutions suited to their specific needs. Our image analysis solutions can reveal hidden data, improve reliability, reduce processing time and drive product decisions.

Measuring Intensity as a Function of Distance
Outsource your image analysis

Maximize your resources and minimize cost by letting QuantAvise technicians execute your image analysis protocols. We provide high quality image analysis at competitive prices. Get your researchers from behind the computer and back in the lab.

Measuring Intensity as a Function of Distance
Automate your analysis to get unbiased, quantifiable results

Automating your image analysis will reduce analysis time and eliminate operator influence. We design scripts, macros or plugins that will work within your existing image analysis software package.

Measuring Intensity as a Function of Distance
Our custom software solutions meet the specific needs of each client

The market is full of bloated image analysis software products that have tons of options but none are exactly what you need. What if instead you had a simple, clean application that did exactly what you needed nothing more, nothing less? This is what QuantAvise provides.

Measuring Intensity as a Function of Distance

Dr. Jessamine Winer-Jones, Lead Engineer

Dr. Jessamine Winer-Jones is an image analysis expert specializing in developing algorithms for pharmaceutical and medical device research. Image analysis algorithms she’s designed previously have been used in peer reviewed journal articles, patent applications as well as regulatory documentation. While working in the medical device industry she developed numerous image analysis protocols that were critical to driving product decisions. She has 10 years of experience in biomedical and materials engineering labs and an extensive background in microscopy and imaging. Dr. Winer-Jones is the owner and principal engineer at the image analysis company QuantAvise and is an Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering at California Lutheran University.